Chief Executive Officer

Sh. Abhimanyu Singh, IDES

Chief Executive Officer is an officer of Indian Defence Estates Service, and works under the administrative control of Director General, Defence Estates, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence. Sh. Abhimanyu Singh, IDES is the Chief Executive Officer of Varanasi Cantonment Board at present.

The Duties of the Chief Executive Officer are as follows:

1.Exercise all the powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed upon him by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force;

2.Subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power to ensure that the administration of the Board is carried out in accordance with provisions of this Act;

3.prescribed the duties of, and exercise supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of all officers and employees of the Board; responsible for the custody of all records of the Board;

5.arrange for the performance of such duties relative to the proceedings of the Board or of any committee of the Board or of any committee of Arbitration constituted under this Act, as those bodies may respectively impose on him;

6.comply with every requisition of the Board on any matter pertaining to the administration of the cantonment;

Message From CEO

Welcome to the Cantonment Board Varanasi website. This site is designed to provide accurate and easy to use information on Cantonment Board services and programs. You can be assured that together we can continue to work to make our community a special place. We are happy to have you as a part of the community. The web site will play a major role in this regard.

The residents of Cantonment area can be assured that the staff and I am proactive in taking steps to maintain and improve the quality of life for our residents. We provides many important services including water supply, sewerage service, street light maintenance, solid waste management, sanitation & urban health, primary education, etc., services to name a few. As a result of a long-time philosophy of innovation, the board leads the way in providing services in the most efficient ways possible. Board is always devoted for your service. Keep Cantonment area clean and green. Pay your property tax on time, registered the incident of birth and death in your family within the prescribed time period.

We also encourage people`s participation and community participations. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome for the growth and development of the Cantonment area. I hope you will find this website helpful for gaining access to the information you need about Cantonment Board.

With my best wishes.

Abhimanyu Singh, I.D.E.S 

Chief Executive Officer, Cantonment Board, Varanasi